Shoppers, grocers wait for consistency in food prices in Texas

Elizabeth French knows exactly what has been happening to food prices. After all, with two adults and children aged 7, 10 and 14, the family goes through lots of groceries.

These days, though, she’s also watching other prices that go a long way in determining her grocery bill.

Fuel prices for the tractors and the trucks that are used to grow and deliver food to stores have tumbled in recent weeks. Grain prices have seen huge declines from record highs in the past year.

So French now is watching, waiting and wondering when her grocery bills will become more manageable.

“I have not seen prices drop as much as you would have expected based on the fact that cost of fuel and transportation for foods have come down,” French said as she rolled a shopping cart full of sacks out of a Kansas City supermarket.

“I would hope to see some change, but I don’t really expect it,” French said. “The mercenary quality of retail, once prices go up they tend to come down a little bit but not as much as they should.”

To be sure, food prices have outpaced overall consumer inflation in recent months.

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