Bailout is just a beginning

The turmoil in the financial markets has trickled down to Sean Wilson, who is trying to raise money for a new brewery in Durham. Wilson has $150,000 so far but recently was told by two potential investors: "I can't do it right now because I don't have the funds. My portfolio is down."

For months now, the credit crunch that has staggered the nation's financial system has created problems for businesses that need loans or investors. This week, as Congress worked to create the financial rescue plan that passed Friday, lending requirements got even tighter, with devastating results for some companies.

On Tuesday, Spectrum Yarns closed two North Carolina plants, in Marion and Kings Mountain, and laid off 200 workers, saying it couldn't obtain the credit it needed to stay open.

In less extreme cases, lack of access is hurting some companies' ability to pay workers and bills and is forcing others to delay expansion or put off hiring.

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