$100 million meatpacking facility opens in Kuna; jobs still being filled

CS Beef Packers began work at the new Kuna plant on Tuesday to harvest and process cattle in the area; it is expected to employ around 700 people eventually.

The 370,000-square-foot facility will harvest cull cows and bulls from dairy farms and cattle ranches throughout the Intermountain West. The plant also includes hide and rendering processing, and will process niche-fed beef programs.

The location provides local and regional producers a cost-effective processing solution by eliminating the need to transport cattle hundreds of miles to more distant packing plants. There are an estimated 600,000 dairy cows and more than 600,000 beef cows in the region.

Since January, CS Beef Packers said it has recruited and hired employees of all experience levels. While the team is still hiring, training for different units began in March and will continue as the facility ramps up processing.

The $100 million CS Beef Packing plant was built through a partnership with the J.R. Simplot Company and Caviness Beef Packers.

“This partnership is an opportunity to combine Caviness Beef’s leadership in the meat packing industry with Simplot’s long-standing status as a leader in agriculture,” said Terry Caviness, CEO of Caviness Beef, in a news release Friday. “Together we will help fill a void in the West by providing ranchers and dairy farmers with a state-of-the-art beef processing plant.”

The facility launch means CS Beef Packers can begin processing a maximum of 1,700 head per day.

“We haven’t just created jobs here, we’ve built long-term careers with skills training and advancement opportunities that are going to boost the local economy,” said Tom Basabe, president of Simplot Land and Livestock, in the news release.