Tax break consideration may chase Amazon from South Carolina

Online retailer pressed S.C. lawmakers Wednesday for a sales tax break for the distribution center that it is building near Cayce, amid concern that denying the incentive could jeopardize the $100 million project.

Amazon executives warned refusing the tax break is a deal-breaker for the project, projected to employ 1,249 full time by 2013 and provide up to 2,500 part-time jobs, some legislators and Lexington County officials said.

“The implication is if they don’t get it, they’ll pull out,” said House Majority Leader Kenny Bingham, R-Lexington. “That’s clearly an option they will look at if they do not get it.”

That warning came after the tax break was not included in a package of economic incentives approved Tuesday by the Senate Finance Committee. The tax break could be added later or attached to other proposals before lawmakers end their work in early June.

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