Ouch at the pump as gasoline cost rises

Gasoline prices soared again Thursday in Charlotte and across the country, and motorists were grumbling again at the pumps.

But it appears as if $4 a gallon might be the point where the price of fuel makes a major difference in our lives.

"This is too much," a woman, identifying herself only as Rachel, said Thursday afternoon as she pumped gas into her minivan at the BP station in the Plantation Market shopping center in southeast Mecklenburg County. "It's enough to make me consider taking the bus ... or riding a bike."

On Thursday, the price of gas reached an average of $3.41 a gallon in Charlotte, up 4 cents from the previous day and 37 cents in a month.

Charlotte Area Transit System officials have told Charlotte city leaders that services could be affected if gas prices keep climbing. In a memo sent to city officials, CATS leadership said an increase of 10 cents a gallon means an additional $330,000 in annual costs for the transit agency.

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