Stephen Colbert mocks school diversity policy's elimination

RALEIGH -- The Wake County school board is being mocked on national television for eliminating its socioeconomic diversity policy to move toward neighborhood schools.

Comedian Stephen Colbert devoted part of Tuesday night’s “Colbert Report” show on The Comedy Central Network to lampooning the school board’s actions. It’s the latest round of national attention placed on Wake since a Jan. 12 front-page Washington Post article reported on the situation in the school district.

“Sure, integrating schools may sound benign, but what’s the use of living in a gated community if my kids go to school and get poor all over them?” Colbert said.

Colbert, who pretends to be a conservative commentator during his satirical reports, singled out school board member John Tedesco during his segment.

“Luckily, Tedesco is part of a group of Tea Party backed Republican school board members who recently voted for Wake County schools to go back to the old system of separate neighborhood schools to better teach the kids the 3 Rs,” Colbert said as the words “Readin,’ 'Riting,' and Resegregatin’” flashed on the screen.

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