Unusually persistant cold weather in Sacramento breaking records

Keep your sweater – and umbrella – within reach.

The chilly weekend temperatures were among the coldest in more than a half-century from Redding to Stockton, the National Weather Service reported Sunday.

More cold is expected today – a low of 45 and a high of 69 in downtown Sacramento – with rain forecast through much of this week.

The dogged pattern of rain and cold has prompted worries of another sort: Melon crops are less likely to be ready for market in time for July 4 celebrations, and tomato harvests likely will be delayed.

Cold "slows everything down," Yolo County Agriculture Commissioner John Young said Sunday. "We're not getting the temperatures we need for germination of seed. It slows the melons down, it slows the rice down, it slows any of the warm-weather crops."

Of course, the cooler temperatures have an upside, delaying Sierra snowmelt.

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