Most find funerals and doing taxes equally unattractive

Despite e-filing, 24-hour tax prep centers, easy-to-use computer programs and the lure of refunds, the IRS expects hundreds of thousands of Floridians to file their tax returns over the next two days, barely making Thursday's deadline.

The reason: Americans find the annual ritual only slightly more bearable than attending a funeral, a new survey shows.

The survey, by Allianz Life Insurance Company, found that even though the majority of those asked expected to get a refund, they'd just as soon not bother with 1040s, Schedule Cs and the like.

That was the exactly the case for Shirley Fleurival, 39 who was in an H&R Block office in Pembroke Pines this week -- making up for three years of not filing returns. She completed her 2007 and 2008 returns last week and was wrapping up her 2009 paperwork Monday.

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