Schwarzenegger administration claims reducing car fleets saved millions

The state of California avoided spending about $63 million last year by reducing purchases of new state vehicles and ordering most agencies to reduce fleets by 15 percent, the Schwarzenegger administration said Wednesday.

Based on the pace that it spent prior to making cuts, the state saved about $55 million last year by reducing new vehicle purchases by more than 67 percent, said Bill Leonard, secretary for the State and Consumer Services Agency.

The other savings are from avoiding maintenance, gas and insurance costs.

Leonard said that overall the state vehicle fleet has been cut by more than 18 percent, which exceeds the 15 percent reduction set by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last July with an executive order.

The administration doesn't have data calculated yet, though, to show which agencies have met the required 15 percent mark. Leonard's press secretary, Erin Shaw, said a "high majority" of agencies have complied with the order that they cut the number of vehicles that employees use.

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