Who got money from Stanford?

Rep. John Sweeney of New York -- Stanford hosted, toasted Rep. Sweeney and the lawmaker's new bride, Gaia.

Ex-Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio -- Stanford staged Miami fundraiser for Ohio lawmaker the year before his conviction for taking bribes from clients of lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

George W. Bush -- Stanford gave $100,000 to his inauguration committee

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee -- Stanford gave $500,000 to Dems Senatorial campaign committee in 2002 -- his largest ever contribution.

"Caribbean Caucus" -- Reps. Donald Payne (New Jersey), Max Sandlin (Texas), Phil Crane (Illinois) enjoyed luxury trips to Antigua and other islands, paid for by a nonprofit heavily funded by Stanford

Pete Sessions (Texas) -- On day of Stanford's arrest in $7 billion Ponzi scheme, Sessions messaged him: "I love you and believe in you. If you want my ear/voice -- email.''