A happy economy 'fish' story

Capitalism — A Fish Story

The troubled economic waters of recent months have tested large and small businesses nationwide and even churned up doubts about the free market system. Monsters of the deep such as AIG have floundered, and big fish such as Lehman Brothers have beached themselves and died.

So the fact that a Lexington locally owned enterprise called Rent-a-Fish is getting along swimmingly comes as reassuring news.

Aquaman: Bryan Jones is the owner, operator and full-time staff of Rent-a-Fish Aquarium Leasing and Maintenance Specialists, a Lexington company that has customers from Florence to Morehead.

Jones designs, supplies and maintains everything — including the fish — for a healthy ecosystem that is soothing for inhabitants and tank-gazers. That means he's part chemist, part biologist, part glass scrubber, part fish whisperer and part artist. He also pre-measures daily food portions, which makes him part Jenny Craig.

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