Alleged Kentucky thief flees in thong and hoodie

A woman fled from a Lexington lingerie store Monday night, wearing little more than thongs, the store owner says.

Becky Howard, who owns the Intimate Apparel store on Richmond Road, said the incident began when clerks noticed that the woman, who police say is Kendra Clem, 23, was taking an unusually long time in dressing room No. 4. At one point, they said, she came out and hung one of the outfits she'd been trying on -- a bustier and mini skirt -- back on the display rack, but the skirt was missing.

So, Howard said she began watching the woman's feet, since the dressing room doors do not go all the way to the floor. "The more I watched her, the more upset I was getting," Howard said. Howard confronted her. A physical altercation ensued, and a clerk called police and sprayed pepper spray at the woman.

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