Bush: No regrets for unpopular decisions

Former President George W. Bush told more than 11,000 people at the Fort Worth Convention Center that he was confident he made the right decisions as president, even if it hurt his popularity.

"Every single day I was honored to be your president by bringing honor and dignity to the office," Bush said Monday afternoon, during his first foray into motivational speaking, at the day-long "Get Motivated" seminar.

Bush, who now lives in Dallas, spoke in a relaxed tone about a few lessons he'd learned in life, including sticking to your principles and living each day to its fullest.

"It's so simple in life to chase popularity, but popularity is fleeting," Bush said. "It's not real."

When the president left office in January 2009, his approval ratings hovered in the low 20s and 30s, depending upon the polling agency.

Bush assured the families of war veterans that he wouldn't sell out "their loved ones for the sake of pure politics."

"And let me tell you," he continued. "I never did.”

The former president also emphasized the importance of generosity, noting how many people were surprised when he promised billions in aid to Africa to fight the AIDS epidemic.

"Apparently Republicans aren't supposed to be compassionate, so it was a shock," Bush said.

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