More Sanford trouble: Dashcam catches his car speeding

On Tuesday afternoon, a South Carolina trooper pulled over a black Ford Crown Victoria that he'd clocked doing 85. In the back seat, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford.

The trooper didn't issue the governor's driver a ticket. But now that the dashboard video of the stop has surfaced, the driver will be getting a ticket. His actions are also being investigated by the State Law Enforcement Division, for which he works.

"He did something that I thought was totally inappropriate, from the standpoint of the trooper, as well as the governor," said SLED Chief Reggie Lloyd.

What he did was explain that the reason he was doing 85 was he was "the one with the governor." When the trooper said that wasn't a very good explanation, the driver told the trooper to "Tell him that."

The trooper then went to the car, met the governor, who introduced himself, and walked away without issuing a ticket.

No word on where the governor was headed in such a hurry -- or if he'd ordered his driver to exceed the speed limit.

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