Ex Kentucky Gov. Nunn accused murder-suspect son of abuse

GLASGOW — Former Republican Gov. Louie B. Nunn alleged in a 1994 letter that his son Steve, now charged with the murder of a Lexington woman, had physically attacked him and abused other family members.

Louie Nunn, who died in 2004, told his son he was too old and disabled to fight with him physically, and that the mental anguish caused by the attack "is more than I need."

Louie Nunn also said he didn't want having hurt his son physically or mentally on his conscience or his record.

"Therefore I respectfully request you never attack me physically again," the elder Nunn said in the handwritten letter to his son. "Neither do I intend to take any more verbal abuse from you."

Nunn warned that if his son ever attacked him again, he would have him charged with assault and seek a restraining order against him.

That would require bringing into court Steve Nunn's sister, children and former wife, Martha Lu Nunn, "all of whom you have abused," Louie Nunn said in the letter.

The nine-page letter was included in the court file of a divorce petition Beula Nunn, the former GOP governor's wife, filed against him in 1994 in Metcalfe County.

That letter, which revealed turmoil and tempers in the Nunn family, came to light on the same day Steve Nunn was transported from Hart County Jail to Lexington. He faces charges of murder and violating a protective order in the Sept. 11 shooting death of Amanda Ross in front of her Lexington home. Nunn, 56, is being held in the Fayette County Detention Center.

He is scheduled to be arraigned Friday at 1 p.m. by video, according to a spokeswoman for the Fayette County Sheriff.

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