Schwarzenegger seeks investigation of ACORN office in San Bernardino

Schwarzenegger asks attorney general to examine ACORN

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently has been captivated by recent news stories about a conservative filmmaker who exposed misdeeds at ACORN, the national organization that serves low-income residents and has been involved in controversial efforts to register Democratic voters.

The Republican governor sent a brief memo Wednesday to Democratic Attorney General Jerry Brown asking him to investigate ACORN's activities in San Bernardino. Two conservative activists have posted videos of their visits to ACORN offices around the country in which they posed as a prostitute and a pimp seeking advice.

In San Bernardino's ACORN office, a volunteer who claims to be a former prostitute is shown offering advice to the two activists on how to set up a brothel using underage girls from El Salvador. She tells them that they would be breaking various laws, but also explains ways to get around those laws. At one point, she claims to have connections to various Democratic lawmakers in the state Legislature and Congress.

ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis said in statements over the last week that the organization had fired the workers shown in the videos and that their actions were "indefensible." But she also suggested that the filmmaker, James O'Keefe, had been turned away by other ACORN offices and that he continued targeting the organization until he obtained the responses that he wanted.

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