Commentary: Over-reacting to Obama's address is uncalled for

President Barack Obama will speak from a Virginia high school on Tuesday. He will urge American kids across the nation to stay in school. Learn, strive, be better citizens. Make better lives for yourselves, families and neighbors. Well, sound the alarm! Obama is going to invade our schools! Like Hitler! Or is it Stalin? Che? The devil?

No, like the president of the United States, using his office to spread a message that every thinking American can support, from anywhere on the political spectrum. Well, almost anywhere.

Every U.S. president from George Washington to George W. Bush, Obama's predecessor, would back that message.

Some Anchorage parents have brewed a tempest in a tea bag against showing the speech in our schools. It's political, they say. It's propaganda, some argue.

You know what it's really going to be? Good advice that students and families in Anchorage, which has suffered a high dropout rate, should take to heart.

Carol Comeau, schools superintendent, has logged a flurry of complaints.

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