Kansas gets $56 million for weatherization from stimulus

Bernice Jones made history Tuesday when her house on East Second Street became the first in Kansas to be weatherized using federal stimulus funds.

Workers were installing a furnace, central air-conditioning unit and refrigerator in her 1920s-era bungalow Tuesday as she ushered in the Kansas governor and other state and city officials.

Opening her front door, she looked at the governor and then out over to a dozen people who'd gathered to watch and told them: "Just overlook the stuff I've got piled up."

She let Kansas Gov. Mark Parkinson open her new energy-efficient refrigerator and led him down the basement to her laundry room, where he saw the new central air-conditioning and heating unit.

Steve Weatherford, president of the Kansas Housing Resources Corp., told the governor that because Jones was receiving the newer energy-efficient equipment, it could save her 30 to 35 percent each month on utility bills.

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