McCain, McConnell: Start over on health care

U.S. Sen. John McCain and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told a Charlotte audience this morning that Congress and the president should "start over" on health care reform.

“It's time we started back at the beginning,” McCain of Arizona told medical professionals at Carolinas Medical Center.

The two Republicans joined GOP Sen. Richard Burr at the invitation-only town hall that drew about 250 people to a hospital auditorium.

The three acknowledged that health reform is needed. But they advocated a go-slow, incremental approach and criticized Democratic proposals.

"Our goal ought not to be to have the cheapest health care in the world," said McConnell, adding that government-run health care would lead to "massive rationing."

He also said reaction from people who have swarmed public meetings across the country on health care could help slow the process.

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