Commentary: Kentucky politics are a man's world

You don't even have to be a numbers cruncher to get excited by this string of statistics:

In the 2000 census 51.1 percent of Kentuckians were female.

In 1997, 56 percent of college graduates in Kentucky were female, a number that rose to 59 percent by 2007.

Women account for 52.9 percent of registered voters in Kentucky.

In the last general election, among registered voters, a higher percentage of women than men actually voted in every age category except 62 and over.

In the Kentucky House of Representatives 15 percent of the members are women; 15.8 percent of Senate members are women.

Get the picture? In the halls of governance in Kentucky, it's still a man's world. "Excited" may not be exactly the right word. How about appalled?

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