Sanford returns from Europe, and pledges to restore trust

Gov. Mark Sanford returned from a two-week European vacation with his family Wednesday, reiterating he would work hard on state issues and restoring trust with South Carolina residents.

Sanford said the two-week trip was a chance for his family to get away from media coverage and mend their relationships following his June admission of an extramarital affair. Sanford also apologized to South Carolinians in an editorial published across the state last month.

Speaking with Charlotte television station WBTVat the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, Sanford said:

"I'm going to work very hard on that job because it's a tremendous responsibility the people of South Carolina have granted me.

"I'm going to work very hard to restore that trust."

Since his June trip to Argentina, Sanford has been out of work or on vacation more than half the state's business days. That includes three out-of-state trips to work on issues with his wife, Jenny, and their four sons.

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