Schwarzenegger sets special session on California taxes

Fresh from rebalancing the state budget, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced Wednesday he'll call the Legislature into special session in September to see if it can straighten out the state's tax system.

Schwarzenegger said he wants lawmakers in town to consider whatever recommendations come from a 14-member commission formed by the governor and Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, D-Los Angeles, last fall.

"For too long our broken tax system has taken Californians on an unwelcome rollercoaster ride," Schwarzenegger said in a prepared statement.

"The commission will help change that. I will call on the full legislative body to immediately consider the commission's recommendations as soon as they are submitted."

Legislators are on their summer vacation break. They return to Sacramento Aug. 17, and are scheduled to adjourn for the year Sept. 11.

But the commission, which has twice delayed its report, is not due to finish until Sept. 20.

Under California's constitution, the governor has the authority to summon the Legislature into "extraordinary session" to deal with a specific issue. Once they get here, however, they are under no obligation to stick around.

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