Rep. Sali's challenger in for a fight as Palin excites Idaho Republicans

Nampa businessman Scott Faris didn't vote for John McCain in the primary and he wasn't excited about his choices in November.

But when McCain picked Idaho native Sarah Palin as his vice presidential nominee, Faris became excited.

"I'm certainly on board now," Faris said. "I think this brings more Republicans and conservatives out."

No Idaho Republican candidate has benefited from Palin's bump more than 1st Congressional District Rep. Bill Sali. Sali's Democratic challenger, Walt Minnick, was raising more money than Sali. And GOP leaders like Gov. Butch Otter were still unhappy about Sali's role in ousting state party Chairman Kirk Sullivan in June.

But Palin, a University of Idaho graduate, shares Sali's social agenda and appeals to his strongest supporters.

"You hear Sarah Palin talk about the same things that Bill Sali talks about," said Wayne Hoffman, Sali's campaign spokesman.

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