Jerry Brown asks Calif. Supreme Court not to stay Prop. 8

State Attorney General Jerry Brown on Monday urged the California Supreme Court to review legal challenges to Proposition 8, but declined to express an opinion on the gay marriage ban measure approved by voters.

In a written responses to lawsuits seeking to overturn the initiative, Brown's office said the state's highest court should allow the measure to remain in effect during the review period because doing otherwise would cause confusion.

"A stay would change the status quo, allowing marriages that might later be invalidated, and would engender uncertainty about the legal status of same-sex marriages in California," the attorney general's office said.

Brown's office, which was asked last week by the court to weigh in on the lawsuits, called on the justices "to provide certainty and finality in this matter."

The Democratic attorney general said earlier this month that his office would defend the "will of the people" in the Nov. 4 election.

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