New video: Palin calls Obama's election 'time for optimism'

The Anchorage Daily News on Wednesday released two new installments of its lengthy weekend interview with Gov. Sarah Palin. The new installments were in addition to a segment released on Monday, ahead of interviews Palin granted to Fox News and NBC.

In the first of the new installments (Part 2 of three), Palin hints at the conflict she had with advisers to Republican presidential candidate John McCain over talking to reporters. She rejected the word "reprimand" to describe the advisers' response to her — "I won't say anything negative" — instead describing their reaction as surprise when they realized that Alaska reporters had her cell phone number and were calling her.

"There were a lot of questions of me when I made some phone calls," she said, without going into specifics.

In the last installment, Palin describes Barack Obama's election in terms that seem unlikely after so bitter a campaign.

"This an historic moment," she said. "This is a time for optimism in our country, when you look at what the will of the people just ushered in. They wanted definitive change, and that is what he represents."

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