Republicans in Washington State see change coming to GOP

Change is coming - to the Republican Party, too.

That's the view of two South Sound Republicans after Democrats won the White House, expanded majorities in Congress, defended control of the governor's office and expanded their hold on statewide offices in Washington.

"I think the party needs a whole new set of leaders. I'd be willing to bet within two months in New Hampshire and Iowa, you'll start seeing people showing up" to get ready for the 2012 campaign, longtime GOP leader Ralph Munro said Friday.

"I think you'll see the party rebound, come back with new leadership. In two years I think you'll see quite a few Democrats get beat and Republicans take their place in the U.S. House. We've all been through this back and forth," he added.

Munro had been co-chairman of the state delegation to the national Republican convention and is a longtime advocate of Sen. John McCain.

Thurston County Republican chairman Dan Cathers said he foresees change locally, too, and he might not seek another two-year term when his party gathers next month to reorganize. That's because Cathers, who took over in 2006, is considering a run for an as-yet-undisclosed public office, and he would like more time to devote to that.

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