Mr. Brown Eyes

One look into Jameson’s soulful brown eyes and you will melt. This sweetie has been at the shelter since June and would like nothing more than to find a home. Jameson started the day in playgroups. He’s good with other dogs but didn’t engage much he was more interested in human interaction. He adores his people and likes to be close to them.

Hamburger Jeff took Jameson to D & B Supply to sniff around and socialize. He greeted everyone with a soft tail wag. He eagerly smelled the bags of dog and cat food as he walked up and down the isles. He pulled a fast one on Jeff when they walked by a bin of pig ears. Before Jeff realized what had happened Jameson was indulging himself. Jeff let him finish his prize and before he knew it Jameson had indeed grabbed a second one!

After their D & B excursion Jeff took Jameson to lunch at Westside Drive In. It was a dreary cold day and they were happy to take shelter in the heated tent. Jameson enjoyed a juicy Lassie Patty aka hamburger. In fact when the burger was placed on the table before him he stared at it for a minute then dove for it!

Jameson was such a good boy in the car. He curled up in a dog bed and went right to sleep. You‘ll notice Jameson looks rather skinny in these photos. Jameson is a sensitive boy and has lost weight in the shelter environment. He’s currently being fed 3 meals a day.

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