Kira, an all-American dog, is still in search of a home

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Kira has been waiting a long time to find her forever home. She graduated from the IDAPI Program on May 17th and since then she’s been at Emerald Street Kennels as a foster dog. Despite all the months she’s spent in a kennel she’s always happy and ready for adventure. Her buddy Hamburger Jeff takes her out frequently for ice cream and a walk/swim at the park. She treasures the one on one time because then she’s allowed to play with all of her toys! Even in the car she’ll drop a tennis ball in your lap and want to you throw it! To say that Kira is a passionate about her toys would be an under statement. This girl lives to play with toys and is so fun, engaging, and entertaining to watch. When she doesn’t have a toy a stick will do just fine for a game of fetch.

On July 3 Hamburger Jeff picked up Kira at Emerald Street Kennels along with I.H.S. volunteers Jenn and Shannon. Kira was immediately outfitted in 4th of July attire because lets face it every girl needs to get dolled up. Knowing Kira’s love for water they went straight to Veterans Memorial Park so that Kira could swim in the river. Kira wasted no time she jumped right in the water to fetch her squeaky ice cream cone! She paddled back and forth swimming in circles. When Hamburger Jeff ran out of sticks to through we threw a woman’s boot in the water that was sitting along the shoreline and sure enough Kira fetched that too! She seemed quite proud of her prized boot that she plucked out of the water!

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After an exhausting swim they headed to the Dutch Goose for an all American cheeseburger and fries. Kira walked into the patio wearing her 4th of July tutu and immediately was noticed by a table of gentlemen who were giggling at her cuteness! Once they learned she was available for adoption they wanted to greet her and she obliged. Kira had her very own American flag placemat and a seat at the table. She was funny about her fries she preferred that they be dipped in catsup and she had no complaints about her burger. She was very well behaved during lunch and was happy to show off some of her skills learned in the IDAPI Program like shake, high five, sit, and down.

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After lunch they returned to Emerald Street Kennels to play in the big outdoor grass yard. One of Kira’s favorite toys is a big plastic yellow egg called a Jolly Egg. She will push it around with her muzzle and run so fast almost kicking it like a soccer ball. She is very athletic and will jump, leap, and run. This girl would excel at any sport. I would love to see her run an agility course. She has such enthusiasm for play. Sadly at the end of the day Kira had to return to her kennel but she was tired and ready for a nap.

Due to Kira’s love for toys it's recommended that she be the only dog in the home. This girl prefers to play with toys and is really indifferent around other dogs. Her dream family would include a toy box filled with dog toys and lots of fun family activities. For more information about Kira call Jenn at 208-866-1629 or email or visit the Idaho Humane Society website

See Kira in action is the Go Pro video courtesy of Shannon White. 

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