Lunch with Hamburger Jeff: Luv-A-Bull Raider

Meet Raider, an easygoing super sweet boy that has been at the shelter since December.

Hamburger Jeff took Raider to Burger Time for lunch. Raider was happy to greet the ladies at the pick-up window as Jeff placed the order. Raider started with tater tots dipped in fry sauce followed by a cheeseburger. The patron at the next table got a kick out of Raider and how patiently he waited for each bite. After lunch, Raider posed in a patio chair for some pictures. We didn't have a Raiders jersey for him to model but he did model Jeff's Raiders hat!

After lunch, we took Raider to Ann Morrison to enjoy a walk in the park. When walking past the duck pond Raider surprised us by jumping right in! He did a canon ball and immediately started paddling. It was the funniest sight to see him just swimming away. Luckily he was still on leash!

He didn't seem to mind sharing the water with the ducks and they didn't seem to mind him. After the pond experience we walked over to the river where Raider found a squirrel that ran up a tree. While Raider was standing at the base of the tree looking up, the squirrel started taunting him and making a bunch of noises that sounded like laughter. Raider decided to jump up to see if he could reach the tree branch that the squirrel was perched on. Each jump Raider got higher and higher, he caught quite a bit of air!

Raider was great in the car. He divided his time by playing with toys and standing on the console to see where we were going. This boy is pretty chill. He doesn't require a lot of exercise. He'd be content with a daily walk and lots of snuggle time!

Click here for more information on Raider from the Idaho Humane Society. Watch videos of him eating his lunch and enjoying his swim in the pond below.