Hamburger Jeff: Third time's a charm

Jani is the only dog in Lunch with Hamburger Jeff history to now have 3 blog posts! You might remember her from her original post on April 21, 2013, titled "Jack and Jani,"
 or from her second post on Dec. 12, 2013, titled "Janie Take 2."

Now it's been 243 days that she's been at the shelter and we're posting her again with the hope of finding her a home.

Jani is an all-around athlete. She loves to swim, fetch a ball, run, and wrestle with canine friends. She's a stunning brindle beauty with her chiseled muscles and her deep brown eyes. Unfortunately she doesn’t show well in her kennel when people walk by; instead of showing her happy-go-lucky personality with a butt wiggle, she hunkers down low to the ground and most people keep walking. However, the minute you get her out of her kennel she is a wiggly, happy girl with nothing but enthusiasm for life and play. She is a volunteer favorite because of her love of the tennis ball.

In the play yards you can often find her playing in the big water troughs. She will jump in and splash around without a care in the world. Jani has been chosen to attend the next IDAPI class (inmates train shelter dogs, teaching them a range of skills that make them good companions and good canine citizens).

We post this blog with high hopes that someone will see the beauty and love in this girl and just maybe she will have a home waiting for her on or before graduation day. Long-term shelter residents weigh heavily on our hearts. As volunteers, we see dogs come and go, and it’s hard to see the same dog day after day waiting for that special person. A person who will make a commitment to her for life that will love and cherish her just as all the staff and volunteers do.

Jani was originally adopted in March of last year but after a few short months in a home she was surrendered because her owner moved out and left her behind with roommates that couldn't commit to caring for her.

Jani and Hamburger Jeff headed out to the Mothers Day Black Dog Walk. It was a warm day and Jani was so excited to load up in HJ's car. Jeff takes Jani out on a weekly basis for a hamburger and some quiet time away from the shelter so she knew she was in for an adventure. Driving down the street she always looks out the window with anticipation of where her next adventure will take her.

Upon arriving at the Black Dog Walk, Jani was greeted by lots of friends. She could hardly wait to get started with the walk, but halfway in Jani found the perfect inlet to the river that allowed her to dive right in the water. HJ had a hunch that she'd retrieve a stick so he tried it out and Jani jumped in the water with such determination. A few times she created a splash so big she lost the stick down stream but the majority of the time she came back to shore with a stick in her mouth. Obviously this is an activity that she's enjoyed before.

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Following her swim session they continued on the walk and she found a lovely area along the river with tall grass. She navigated her way into the middle and feasted on some of the green stuff. After the walk HJ took Janie to the patio at Whole Foods where she feasted on a lemon grilled chicken breast that cost $11.99 lb. Jani was super excited to see her lunch when it was delivered to the table and she was happy to demonstrate a sit and a down for each bite.

Despite her enthusiasm she was very gentle with her mouth. Jani was happy to model some sun glasses and a feather boa what ever it took to eat that chicken. On the patio Jani made several friends as people noticed her "Adopt Me" leash sleeve.

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For more information about Jani, please go to her online profile on the Idaho Humane Society's website.

For more information about fostering or adopting any of the blog dogs, please contact Jenn at 866-1629

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See videos of Jani playing in the river and enjoying her lunch on the patio at Whole Foods.  

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