Meridian Pet of the Week: Phillippe


Phillippe, 3, is our latest master-level magician. He has a history of leaving his home and ending up at a rural shelter. His family did not claim him the last time around, so Phillippe was transferred to MCR for a fresh start.

He’s really smart. But Phillippe is now neutered and learning to stay nicely in his kennel and yard here at MCR. The neuter should help, of course, and we’re hoping for a family that will supervise him, keep him both secured and entertained, and reward him for good behaviors.

Phillippe loves attention and will lean up against your legs in an effort to get some love. He tolerates being brushed, and he’ll even allow us to guide him into his kennel with a little food bribery. This boy is picking up routines pretty well here, though it’s clear that he hasn’t had much structure in his life. All he wants is attention (plus a treat or two), so Phillippe should respond to continued training pretty well.

This boy is now fully vetted. He has energy to spare, and we’ve been told that he gets along pretty well with other dogs his size (but no small animals). Since he was just neutered, we haven’t introduced him to any dogs here. We’re also not sure what he thinks about children yet, so please bring your whole family in to meet him.

Meet Phillippe or other dogs at the Meridian Canine Rescue and fill out an application. The rescue’s location is 501 E. Scenery Lane, Meridian. Hours are noon to 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. Call 208-794-0944 or go to