Ada County Pet of the Week: Rango


Rango, 4, is a 10-pound male domestic shorthair. He was found as a stray is Elmore County so not much is known about his past. He has a bright future ahead though and has revealed himself to be a personable, affectionate cat. He loves meeting new people and will often run to the front of his kennel to say ‘hello’ to strangers. He is not above “asking” for pets and will sometimes reach out his paw to try and hold your hand. While Rango is very loving, he does have an independent streak. He enjoys exploring his surroundings and will often “hunt” toys, string, and hair bands. Rango would love for his new home to have a cat tree, shelves, or a sunny windowsill for him to perch on and enjoy the view. Rango does need to stay the night to be neutered, but is otherwise ready to find his forever home.

You can meet Rango (#38391279) in Cattery Kennel 17 at the Idaho Humane Society. The shelter is located at 4775 Dorman St. in Boise and is open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information about Rango or other adoptable pets, go to