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Carolyn Hax: Advice

Negativity and anger threaten a friendship

Dear Carolyn: The behavior of a person who I considered to be my closest friend changed — irritable, sarcastic, snippy and mean, mostly to me but also to my partner. This went on for months. When I finally brought it up, this person told me it was my fault. I had become “negative,” it was intolerable and a “vacation” from the friendship was required.

Carolyn Hax: Advice

Self-professed “loner” not wired to miss family, friends or partner

Dear Carolyn: My partner of five years gets upset because I don’t miss him when he is away or during any time we are not together (we don’t live together). I’ve tried to explain to him that I don’t miss anybody, not even my son or grandchildren. Yes, I love to be with them and when I see them or him I am happy, but when people go away I just keep myself busy and don’t really think about what is not there. I think I just live in the present. I never get lonely and have a few friends that I see on a weekly basis. I have several sisters and see them at least once a month.

What's your legacy going to be? Garden City man finds his

Kent Johnson, owner of Rarity Rugs, has turned his hobby-obsession of fine rugs into something that benefits others. It's what gets him up every morning, looking forward to helping someone. What gets you up in the morning?