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Black, red and cream is a hot color combination

Cream and black with a pop of red create an elegant look in this living room.
Cream and black with a pop of red create an elegant look in this living room. TNS

The color combination black, red and cream is hot on the fashion runways this season. Is blending these colors together new? No. But seeing the colors paired together in home decor is currently on trend.

Here’s how to apply them in a home:


Black and cream are foundation colors, meaning they act as a neutral palette within a space and pair well with other colors. Red is a vibrant, rich color that adds the perfect color pop. A pop of red against a cream background is the perfect blend of light and dark, the cream allowing the red to shine. Conversely, if you place red against dark colors such as black, the red forces the eye to perk up and pay attention more than the black would on its own.


While the color combination is on trend, it can’t be considered trendy. The combination is essentially a decor staple in which decorators can feel comfortable pairing and mixing these colors with a high likelihood of success nearly every time.

How to use them

In considering ways to incorporate black, red and cream (or any color into your space), be sure to use color purposefully. Plan ahead and determine which pieces of furniture or which accessories you wish to have in a particular color. A great design tip is to use neutral colors for large furniture pieces like sofas and chairs, while using pops of color as accents. Colorful accents may include everything from toss pillows, throws, small sculptural items and even books.

Cathy Hobbs is an Emmy Award-winning television host and interior design and home staging expert. Email: info@cathyhobbs.com, www.cathyhobbs.com.