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Gardeners: Here’s a to-do list for February


▪  Read catalogs and dream. Order seeds early, taking care not to order if you still have viable seeds from last year.

▪  Check stored vegetables frequently, removing those that have rot or other spoilage indicators.

▪  If you haven’t already, cover compost pile with tarp to prevent rain and snow from leaching nutrients out of the pile.

▪  Plant onion, shallot and leek seeds indoors.


▪  Inventory holdings in freezer and pantry so you can plan what to include and how much to plant in your veggie garden this year.

▪  Inspect garden tools. Remove any rust. Sharpen spades.

▪  Check the “bones” of your landscaping for visual appeal, and make plans to improve it with added shrubs or hardscaping.

▪  Plant seeds of broccoli, cabbage and other cole crops indoors.

▪  Prune trees/shrubs (except for spring bloomers such as forsythia and lilacs), trees and grapevines.

▪  Late in the month, begin removing winter mulch.