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Home decorating trends move toward softer fabrics

Trends are temporary. Photography is always in style.
Trends are temporary. Photography is always in style. TNS

This year saw a continuance of bold metallic finishes such as brass and gold, while muted color palettes such as black and cream, as well as cream and indigo, remain on trend.

These days, many designers and design enthusiasts are also looking to stay on trend without being trendy. This translates into incorporating timeless elements that blends a timeless design style as its foundation, while having a bit of glitz and glam as accents.

Dominant themes

Trends in home decor and design typically follow those of the runway, and right now the trend is toward blousy and billowy fabrics that move, as opposed to stiff and rigid ones. In home decor, we will see softer, breathable fabrics both for upholstery and window treatments, as well as those that are more washable and require less maintenance.

Sheen vs. shine

The predicted trend? Luster, matte and minimalist. Even when it comes to flooring, waxed floors or those finished with a matte polyurethane are often preferred alternatives to high gloss. Homeowners are looking for chemical-free, natural alternatives, while also wishing to maintain a material’s natural luster.

Timeless design

▪  Black is a neutral color that adds a touch of elegance and luxury.

▪  Shades such as cream, ecru and ivory are more appealing and versatile than pure white and can easily translate into various decor styles.

▪  From door handles to showerheads and faucets, many homeowners are opting to keep it basic and infuse a hint of glam by incorporating splurge hardware elements.

▪  Art in general should be bold and powerful. Oversized art can also be affordable. Consider reproductions, as well as well as local artists and even graduating college students.

▪  While some abstract art may have trendy elements such as their design or color, photography tends to be timeless.

▪  Gold is back and will remain on trend through 2017. Gold and brass remain two of the hottest finishes in home decor.

▪  From furniture to wood flooring, natural, historically appropriate hardwoods are more popular than ever, including those woods that are salvaged or reclaimed.

Cathy Hobbs is an Emmy Award-winning television host and interior design and home staging expert. Email: info@cathyhobbs.com, www.cathyhobbs.com.