Here’s a fun dessert to make with the kids


Sunset magazine published the all-you-need-to-know “Camp Sunset: A Modern Camper’s Guide to the Great Outdoors.” The recipes include this method for making ice cream around the campfire; a bag of ice and kids on hand to shake vigorously are the key ingredients.

Ice Cream in a Bag: You’ll need ice, salt, one 1-quart and one 1-gallon resealable freezer bags, and energetic kids for shaking it. Place 1 cup half-and-half, 3 tablespoons sugar and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract in the 1-quart bag. Leave it plain for vanilla, or add 1 tablespoon instant espresso, 1/4 cup chopped fruit or 1 1/2 tablespoons Dutch-process cocoa. Seal the bag and place in the 1-gallon bag. Add about 2 quarts of ice and 1/2 cup rock salt or kosher salt. Seal that bag. Wrap it in a towel and shake vigorously for 15 minutes. Remove the smaller bag and serve the ice cream immediately.

Serve with the following, but you’ll have to make these before you head out into the woods

Butterscotch Time-Crunch Cookies: Line a sheet pan with wax paper. Place 1 1/2 cups butterscotch chips in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir until melted. Stir in 1/2 cup peanut butter until smooth. Remove from heat and stir in 3 cups corn flakes. Spoon out in small mounds on the wax paper. Chill until set.