Tonight's must-see: “Last Comic Standing”

In the fourth-season finale, the winner is revealed. The program includes appearances by Jay Mohr and previous winners, and the results of the online comedy competition. Also: Talent scouts Bob Read and Ross Mark look back at the auditions from this year.

Another singer is cut from the competition. Brooke Burke and Dave Navarro host.

A 15-year-old faith healer (Thomas Dekker) collapses after laying his hands on an old woman in a walker. An MRI finds a brain abnormality, but he doesn't want it treated for fear that it might affect his healing capabilities. While in the hospital, the teen uses his power on a terminal patient (Tamara Braun) Wilson is treating. Elsewhere, Wilson moves out of House's apartment, but he still wants in on House's weekly poker games.

A hospital intern is murdered during the hijacking of a medical helicopter that was carrying a liver from an organ donor. Mac works against the clock to find the thieves and the missing liver before the transplant patient dies. Across town, Stella and Lindsay investigate the murder of a restaurant hostess found dead in an alley. Their probe reveals that the victim engaged in phone sex with several men.