Tonight's must-see: "Last Comic Standing"

The two remaining comedians perform, as do the two finalists from the network's online comedy competition.

It's a young vs. older clash, with two teams of couples in their 20s in competition with two teams of couples over 40. Included: a tug-of-war on the roof of a very tall building; a challenge that involves Madagascar hissing cockroaches; and a highway-driving stunt. Also: Joe Rogan gives someone in Bunker Hill, W.Va., the chance to win a $5000 prize.

Jim is hurt when Ruby invites Andy to a father-daughter dance instead of him.

Brennan is the target of a shooting, but it's not clear if the perpetrator is behind a recent serial killing or a six-year-old mob hit. Either way, it's evident someone doesn't want the cases solved.