Tonight's must-see: “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo”

If there's one movie I'm really embarassed about owning on DVD, it's this one.

But still, I find myself laughing every time I watch Rob Schneider play an aquarium-cleaner who wants to moonlight as a prostitute.

It might not be worth owning, but in this season of reruns, its worth a watch on the old tube.

Dodge and Earl Jr. are refused entrance to the Right Choice Ranch, a camp that helps troubled kids turn their lives around, because the name on their application is Hickey, as in Earl Hickey, who accidentally burned down a barn during his stay there. To make up for his bad deed, Earl hopes to do some good for the campers by building a pen for their ostrich. Meanwhile, Randy tries to get over his lifelong fear of birds.

A man finds his wife's bloody body after she apparently fell down the stairs in their home. Grissom and his crew investigate and the evidence points to murder. The probe reveals that the husband's previous wife died in a similar manner and that he is involved with another woman who has a biting fetish. The husband claims he was asleep outside by the pool when the death occurred.

Nina is conflicted over her passion for Cameron and her guilt about having an affair with him. Oblivious to his wife's liaison, Peter focuses on his new business and confronts allegations that a biker connected to his company is using performance-enhancement drugs. Meanwhile, Sean and Tally obtain jaw-dropping information about Zoe.