Tonight's must-see: “Monk"

After all these years of being a consultant to the police, Adrian Monk takes a fresh step. Following Natalie’s advice, he opens a detective agency. His first client (Sharon Lawrence) seems to have a simple task for him. Since this is Monk, it soon escalates.

In the second-season finale, the investigation into the murders of two Navy officers leads to the discovery that the killings are part of a bigger plan---which includes the assassination of Gibbs. And Gibbs' nemesis, the terrorist Ari (Rudolf Martin), could be the mastermind.

Monica's friend (Sarah Ann Morris) finds a finger in the Montecito's buffet bounty. She doesn't want to sue, but she does want Danny. Meanwhile, Ed and Danny investigate the appearance of the digit; and Sam runs afoul of a tough customer (Ed Begley Jr.).

A female federal agent who was once romantically involved with Don apparently commits suicide, but Don suspects she may have been murdered. Charlie joins the case and tries to determine the likelihood of the woman killing herself. The probe reveals that the victim was suffering from depression and that her marriage was in trouble. She had also been investigating a series of armed robberies that could possibly be linked to her death.