Tonight's must-see: “24"

The saga of Jack Bauer outwitting the bad guys continues.

Here is a film that subtly looks at racial differences. Thomas Carter beautifully directed a story that sends a ballerina (Julia Stiles) to an inner-city high school where she dances with a hip-hop guy (Sean Patrick Thomas).

The Montecito's guests get spooked when some of them have ghostly encounters. Could the place be haunted by Monica's spirit? Elsewhere, the casino cooks up a grand-opening celebration for Wolfgang Puck's new in-house restaurant; and Sam tries to prove she's the best casino host in Vegas. Puck makes an appearance, as do snowboarders Gretchen Bleiler, Ross Powers and Kelly Clark.

Shawn is supposed to use his psychic powers to communicate with a dead man and help the man’s widow find the money. This won’t be easy, since Shawn doesn’t have any real psychic powers.