Tonight's must-see: “Windfall”

Police inform the group that Zoe has disappeared, and Sean and Tally continue to search for her. Meanwhile, Cameron and Nina confront their feelings for each other for the sake of their respective marriages; and Damien plans a surprise for Frankie.

Dirt-bike racers navigate a course of home furnishings; martial artists build furniture with remnants of broken wood; flair bartenders put on a show with paint-filled bottles; acrobats work with burning candles and cinder blocks.

Earl tackles No. 127 on his karmic list by making amends for pilfering a police officer's badge. When he discovers that the theft resulted in the cop's demotion, he tries to get the officer reinstated.

Three teens putting up flyers for a rapper's new album are gunned down with a high-powered weapon stolen from a Las Vegas SWAT team member. The investigation reveals that the murders may be linked to a rivalry between two rappers (Travis Barker, Page Kennedy). During the probe, Warrick beats an unarmed suspect and is taken off of the case.