Tonight's must-see: “Last Comic Standing"

As last week’s episode ended, stand-up comedians got a surprise: There are 12 finalists, not 10. Now comes another surprise: This year, those 12 won’t be in the usual mansion. They’ll live on the Queen Mary, a former oceanliner now anchored in Long Beach, Calif.

The new (7 p.m.) episode shows a tough task. Griffin, who often does celebrity material, works Iraq soldiers who aren’t up on all the Brad-and-Angelina gossip. After a slow start, she does fairly well, with help from her friends Karri Turner (“JAG”) and Michael McDonald (“Mad TV”).

Two strong reruns air back-to-back. In the first, a college student collapses during a drinking contest. We also meet Dr. House’s strong-minded parents. In the second, a young bike-racer collapses. House also confronts Stacy’s husband.

This reality show’s opener showed some unusual moments in the relationship between Lynn and Eddie. Tonight, we see another facet of Lynn’s personality.