Food & Drink

Ada County food service inspections April 12-18, 2016

The Central District Health Department conducts annual inspections of all food-handling establishments in Ada County. Any listed item indicates items or practices out of compliance with Idaho Food Code. Violations must be corrected within 10 days. For details, go to The Southwest District Health Department makes similar inspections in Canyon County; its records are available at

A Taste of Thai, 8053 W. Emerald St., Boise


Carl’s Jr., 1700 W. State St., Boise

21*, 25*

Cheerleaders Sports Grill and Bar, 815 W. Ann Morrison Drive, Boise

7*, 11*, 12*

Corona Village, 4334 W. State St., Boise

19*, 20*

Crescent No Lawyers Bar & Grill, 5500 W. Franklin Road, Boise

12*, 20*

Happy Teriyaki, 2310 E. Overland Road, Ste. 100, Meridian


JT’s, 4501 Kootenai St., Boise


Joy Garden, 2951 E. Overland Road, Ste. 125, Meridian

6*, 11*, 19*

Kicholman Noodles, 2016 Special Events, Boise


Oak Barrel of Eagle, 1065 E. Winding Creek Drive, Suite 100 and 150, Eagle

5*, 7*, 19*, 22*

Parrilla Grill, 1512 N. 13th St., Boise


Soup Kettle Grille, 3675 E. Overland Road, Meridian

1*, 5*, 7*, 17*

Sushi Joy Asian Cuisine, 2275 W. Main St., Boise


Tacos and Tortas el Paco, Grove Street in front of Basque Center, Boise

18*, 19*

*Corrected within required 10 days.

Key to Violations

1 Insufficient food safety knowledge.

2 Employee illness policy action.

3 Eating, drinking, tobacco use in a food preparation area.

4 Food worker with discharge from eyes, nose or throat.

5 Incorrect hand-washing practice.

6 Bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food.

7 Inadequate hand-washing facilities.

8 Food not from an approved source.

9 Food received in unsafe condition.

10 Inadequate record keeping of seafood/fish.

11 Improper separation and protection of food.

12 Improper cleaning/sanitation of food contact surface.

13 Food returned and re-served.

14 Food unsafe for consumption.

15 Incorrect cook time and cook temp.

16 Incorrect reheating of food.

17 Incorrect food cooling process.

18 Improper hot holding temperature.

19 Improper cold holding temperature.

20 Incorrect food dating.

21 Inadequate food/time records.

22 Improper consumer advisory for undercooked or raw food.

23 Pasteurized or thoroughly cooked food required.

24 Incorrect use of food additives.

25 Improper storage or labeling of chemicals.

26 Incorrect special food processing methods.

Inspected with no violations

Alsek Fish, 2016 Special Events, Boise

Amina’s African Sambusas, 2016 Special Events CCPM, Boise

Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar, 7845 W. Emerald St., Boise

Big Mike’s, 7846 N. Hastings Ave., Garden City

Boise Bleu, 2016 Special Events, Boise

Brown’s Buffalo Ranch, 2016 Special Event CCPM, Boise

Bucksnort Beverage Co., 2016 Special Events, Boise

Burger King, 8515 W. Fairview Ave., Boise

Candlewood Suites Boise Town Square, 700 N. Cole Road, Boise

Chaparral Elementary, 1155 N. Deer Creek Lane, Meridian

Dairy Queen, 107 E. Watertower Lane, Meridian

Deli at the Grove, 101 S. Capitol Blvd., Ste. 103, Boise

Ferranti Fresh Pasta, 2016 Special Events BFM, Boise

Fresh Betty, 1830 E. Fairview Ave., Meridian

Garcia’s Tex Mex, 2016 Special Events, Boise

Goody’s, 1502 N. 13th St., Boise

Idaho Pizza Company, 78 E. Eagle River St., Eagle

IL Segreto Wood Fired Pizza, 11295 W. Ustick Road, Boise

Initial Point High School, 1080 N. Ten Mile Road, Kuna

It’s All About You Catering — Processor, 143 N.W. 13th Place, Suite 120, Meridian

It’s All About You Catering, 143 N.W. 13th Place, Suite 120, Meridian

Jamba Juice, 132 N. 8th St., Boise

Jammis Dawgs, 2016 Temporary Events, Garden City

Jefferson Elementary School, 200 S. Latah St., Boise

Kuna Middle School, 1360 W. Boise St., Kuna

Les Bois Junior High, 4150 E. Grand Forest Drive, Boise

Lime and a Coconut, 2016 Special Events, Boise

Little Kitchen Pastries, 2016 Special Events, Eagle

Loba African Fashion and Fresh Produce, 722 S. Vista Ave., Boise

M and N Cattle LLC, 2016 Special Events CCPM, Boise

Meridian Middle School, 1507 W. 8th St., Meridian

My Family Tradition Sauce and Rub Co, 2016 Special Events, Boise

Panda Express, 1500 N. Eagle Road, Meridian

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, 267 N. Milwaukee St., Boise

Saffron Snacks, LLC, 651 N. Eagle Road, Eagle

Shadow Hills Elementary School, 8198 W. Sloan St., Boise

Taco Bell, 6521 Fairview Ave., Boise

The Bardenay — Restaurant, 610 W. Grove St., Boise

The Counter, 3505 E. Monarch Sky Lane, Meridian

The Creperie, 2016 Special Events, Boise

The Pita Pit, 3030 E. Overland Road, Ste. 103, Meridian

The Stuffed Olive, 404 S. Eagle Road, Eagle

Trail Wind Elementary School, 3701 E. Lake Forrest Drive, Boise

Vietmom Grill, 3778 E. Tahiti Drive, Meridian

Village Pub, 9936 W. Fairview Ave., Boise

Waffle Me Up, 2016 Special Event, Boise

Waffle Me Up Trailer, 3986 N. Reed St., Garden City

Whittier Elementary School, 301 N. 29th St., Boise