Emily's interview with Phil Stacey is in June 25's News from the Web

I talked with former “American Idol” contestant Phil Stacey on Friday, and I have to say, if I’d had this conversation with him during the show, I might have been inclined to pick up the phone and vote for him.

He comes across as a nice, level-headed guy who is willing to laugh at himself and laugh off all those Internet discussions about his bald head and resemblance to a vampire (remember “Nos-Phil-ratu” from

When I asked Phil if he had paid attention to that kind of buzz during the show, he immediately asks me if I were one of those people poking fun at his bald head.

Of course, I told him “no comment” and “my publicist says I can’t answer that question.”

Of course, I am guilty.

But I take it all back now.

“For the most part, it’s all amusing, it’s all good,” said Phil. “It certainly doesn’t hurt my feelings.”

Some more highlights of my conversation:

He’s also hoping to record an album.

“I’m very fortunate that I’ve had a career in music,” said Phil. “I’d love to see it go bigger and put out a record.

“I just love music, whether it’s high profile or not.”

(Although singing at high schools isn’t as cool as singing in front of large audiences, like the one expected at the Idaho Center when the Idol tour comes to town in July).

Phil plays the keyboard in the number (an admission, he assured me, was exclusive to my interview with him. So, Phil fans: There’s some breaking news for you).

“There was so much pressure off my shoulders,” said Phil. That release of pressure made his final performance of “Blaze of Glory” after being eliminated his favorite.

Want to know more?

You’ll have to wait. I’ll share more about about Phil and the American Idol Live! tour later in July when the gang of 10 finalists comes to Boise.

To get your tickets for the July 30 show, click here.

Here’s a follow-up story in the New York Times to the news Friday I wrote about in News from the Web that oldest children have slightly higher IQs than their younger siblings.

The bottom line for parents: Relax.

There’s only so much you can do to actually change your family dynamic.

Speaking of smart kids, click here to link to a story about a 2-year-old girl who has become the youngest current member of British Mensa.

Her IQ is 152.

The story doesn’t mention her birth order, but whether she’s a first born or not, she’s got a lot of pressure to live up to that IQ.

There’s no way she can be like Phil Stacey join a rock band now. Her parents — and the rest of us — can’t help but expect her to find a cure for cancer by that time she turns 10.

(That gives her a good eight years....).

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