Oldest children are smarter and the WAC are in June 22's News from the Web

Being a first-born child, I found this news comforting.

The researchers have always told me that as a first born child, I’m a hard worker and over-achiever, but not as creative and sociable as my younger brother and sister.

Well, I may not be as creative, but apparently, I’ve got a slight edge on intelligence.


But my siblings can find comfort — or at least an object of blame — in the findings that it’s how parents treat their children that results in the extra smarts as opposed to genetics.

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Where do you fall in your family? Are you a believer in birth order?

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Being the over-achieving oldest child that I am, I scored an interview with “American Idol” Phil Stacey today in anticipation of the tour by the top ten finalists kicking off soon.

(They’ll be in Boise on July 30).

Anything you want to know about the bald crooner?

If you let me know by 2 p.m., I’ll try to get him to answer your question.

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The WAC is in Sports Illustrated online this week illustrated, of course, by that now-famous picture of Ian Johnson proposing to Chrissy Popadics at the Fiesta Bowl.

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In sum, the WAC is coming into its own.

But then we already knew that.