Celebrity baby news and longevity secrets are in June 19's News from the Web

Oh, baby.

First, news agencies reported the birth of a little boy to Julia Roberts.

Then came the news that Tiger Woods is a officially a daddy.

What’s most interesting to me are the way these births reported. “Tiger has a cub.”

“Julia Roberts gives birth to Pretty Baby.”


I’m as happy as the next celebrity baby-obsessed person to read about the latest famous bundles of joy.

But lets cut down on the cheese.

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On Monday, I asked you about your favorite summer refreshment.

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Here’s one more suggestion from a News from the Web reader: Arizona Diet Green Tea.

I’m a green tea fan myself, usually opting for the hot verson of the beverage mid-morning.

Lately, however, I’ve been drinking unsweetened organic iced green tea. It’s quite refreshing, but it has a little bit of an aftertaste that’s vaguely citrus, a result of the added preservative to keep it safe for me to drink while it sits on the shelf waiting for me to purchase it.

Really, I should become less lazy and brew my own fresh green tea.

Regardless, drinking more of it might help us all to reach the century mark.

The world’s oldest man — and the oldest woman — both hail from Japan, a country of green tea drinking enthusiasts.

What is your secret to longevity?

If you don’t have one, I’ll be satisfied with more summer drink options.

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