8:30 a.m. -- Think you know the news? Take the news quiz and find out

True or False: Richard Roberts, president of Oral Roberts University, received a vote of no-confidence from university professors last week.TrueFalse

Bruce Chizen, CEO of which software company, announced he was stepping down?AdobeGoogleSymantecIntuit

True or False: New York Governor Eliot Spitzer bowed to pressure and abandoned his plan to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.TrueFalse

Who fired on an Arafat memorial rally in Gaza, killing at least seven?HamasIsraelFatahBlackwater

Intel launched its new line of processors, called what?PenrynQuantissimoCalicoOctium

True or False: Al Gore announced he was joining Barack Obama's presidential campaign.FalseTrue

Which nation saw a lawmaker killed by an explosion outside of its Congress last week?PhilippinesIraqAfghanistanSpain

Collectors are outraged because Nashville, Tenn. officials are threatening to pour out as many as 2,400 antique bottles of which spirit, seized in a raid?Jack Daniels whiskeyJose Cuervo tequilaFrangelico hazelnut liqueurStolichnaya vodka

According to unnamed officials, Delta is considering a merger with which airline?UnitedSouthwestAmericanJetBlue

How long did Lindsay Lohan spend in jail last week for her drunken driving plea?84 minutes7 hours128 minutes30 hours