7:09 a.m. -- Think you know the news? Take this news quiz to find out

A fire claimed the life of seven college students in which coastal North Carolina town?Ocean Isle BeachKure BeachKitty HawkManteo

Which world leader announced he has prostate cancer?Ehud OlmertFidel CastroGordon BrownGeorge Bush

Which South American nation elected the wife of its current president to be its next president?ArgentinaBrazilPeruColombia

Seven Europeans were imprisoned on kidnapping charges in which African nation after trying to fly over 100 children to France?ChadNigerSomaliaBurkina Faso

True or False: Actor Lane Garrison avoided a prison sentence for a drunken driving accident that killed a teenager.FalseTrue

The town of Orme, Tennessee, was in the news for running out of what?watertreesdoctorsnative English speakers

What reality television star got into hot water for using the n-word the same week that Don Imus returned to the air?Duane Chapman of 'Dog the Bounty Hunter'Paul Teutul, Sr. of 'American Chopper'Jeff Probst of 'Survivor'Tom Bergeron of 'Dancing with the Stars'

True or False: President Bush announced that he has a second nominee in waiting if Congress does not approve Michael Mukasey for Attorney General.FalseTrue

Stan O'Neal, CEO of which financial services corporation, was forced into retirement?Merrill LynchCitigroupBank of AmericaJ.P. Morgan Chase

A jury awarded an $11 million verdict against Westboro Baptist Church of Kansas for doing what?protesting a military funeralinjuring a worker at a reproductive health clinicthreatening a gay couplesabotaging a parade